Here is what the Course Includes:

  • Finding Your Why and the Safety of Our Silos – Often trainers and clinicians latch themselves on to a particular system or “guru” early in their career and the proceed to follow a dogmatic path that causes them to miss out on some great information that could compliment their current thought process

  • Client Start Up and Communication – The reps, sets, tempo and exercises you choose will NOT matter if you can’t get your clients to trust you and buy in. We also discuss the “Key Questions”, as skipping some of these may be the difference in your program’s success or failure

  • Data Collection & Interpretation – What tests, assessments and evaluations do you perform, why do you choose them and how do you adjust these choices based on the client and their goals? Then once you gather this information, how does it actually impact and guide your program?

  • Movement and Making Intelligent Exercise Decisions – How do you choose one exercise over another and why? Learn what factors impact movement and various ways we can assess movement

  • The Program and Workout Builder – Now that we have established a systematic approach to information gathering and client interaction, we need to cover what the key building blocks are to build a program via a reliable and repeatable checklist method. We also discuss the difference between a “workout” and a program and how you can write multiple programs for the same person and all could be correct!

  • Recovery and Readiness – Once you have created this ideal program, we now need to know how we will adjust the variables based on their current readiness, including a short daily screen you can use to gauge their level of recovery and current state.

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